The ocean is referred to as being a tear of God or the sorrow; a place where you leave your bad memories and sadness…

Looks like a fun gang.


alternatively if someone asks you what you did today just grimly look down at your hands and say “something I should have done a long time ago…”

Another Meme I Won’t Finish: [13/15] Relationships » Wallace & Veronica
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If you ever need a kidney, I’ve got one with your name on it, no questions asked.

friends meme: 5/5 moments · monica and chandler finding out they’re getting a baby


"tired" isn’t even a temporary state for me anymore it’s just an inherent part of my personality at this point

Sweater Weather- The Neighbourhood

This is a story about…

Think c a r e f u l l y, everything after this moment will not only determine your career but life.

And Captain banned headphones from the office, due to the Gina incident.